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Skid Steer Scrap Metal Magnet

Kwik Mag

Kwik Mag skid steer scrap metal magnet.

For recycling, scrap yards, demolition, test range cleanup, railroad maintenance and much more; the Kwik Mag skid steer scrap metal magnet is the solution.  Don’t cheat yourself on a low-voltage system:  The self contained, hydraulically powered Kwik Mag sends a full 230VDC to your magnet to give you maximum lifting power.  Engine blocks, truck axles, nails, rebar, railroad spikes, flat plate, box beds…the list is just endless.  From cleaning your scrap yard, to picking rebar out of crushed concrete:  Our customers have told us how they have utilized the Kwik Mag in the toughest environments-with rock solid results.  And it’s all self contained:  It is complete with a skid steer attachment plate on the “A Frame” all weather steel powder coated housing; hydraulic driven power pack; a 27″ or 28″ magnet, and an optional extension boom.  Needing 8.5 gpm** to operate, just plug in your auxiliary hydraulics and case drain connection (*If you don’t have a case drain, your local dealer can usually plumb one in in a few hours), and you are off and running.  Skidworks 2018-2019 Pricing

See a magnet at work in video HERE.

The Skidworks Kwik Mag scrap metal magnet will work on any** skid steer loader that has standard hydraulics with a case drain connection.  And it has an 18″ manual boom extension option!

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Skidworks Kwik Mag scrap magnet overhead photo

Starting at $16,995.00 standard setup – complete & ready to work, the  Skidworks Kwik Mag scrap metal magnet may pay you back in as little as six months.  It’s safe, it’s compact, it’s transportable, it’s made for skid steer loaders, it has many applications and it’s available directly from Skidworks.  Skidworks 2018-2019 Pricing

Call to order your Kwik Mag today:  Since 2003, it is THE original patentedskid steer scrap metal magnet system.  763-742-6473 or 855-SKIDWORKS

SKIDWORKS: “We put the custom in customer.”

A-Frame rating-Up to 2,000 lbs. lift capacity.  Magnet lift capacity varies on material, shape and condition of scrap metal.  Your results will vary.  LGI or Canmag 27″/28″ magnet based on availability.   CanMag 28″ +$800.00 USD.  75% Duty cycle; call for details.

*Customer responsible for compatibility with your skid steer loader.  Magnet is purchased “as tested as is”.  Your hydraulics may very; see limitations below.  You can also review Kwik Mag Standard Specs and Warranty Overview

Terms of Sale

**Limit 2500 psi / 20 gpm oil pressure maximum.


20 GPM (max) to flow control, excess oil over 4.5 GPM

creates heat in the oil.

Hydraulic oil return line to tank MUST NOT exceed 50

P.S.I. back pressure AT THE MOTOR PORT (if a case

drain is not connected).


Return line should be sized such that line velocity does

not exceed 10 F.P.S. (feet per second).

Avoid use of 90° fittings, minimize number of fittings

and connections, have return line as short as possible.



ROTATION Clockwise at hydraulic motor end

MAX SPEED 3600 R.P.M. (60 Hz.)


EXCITATION Internal (self-excited)

COOLING Internal fan

TEMPERATURE RISE 50° centigrade

INSULATION Class F (155° centigrade rating)

Skidworks 2018-2019 Pricing

Terms of Sale 2019

Kwik Mag Standard Specs and Warranty Overview
(Mainframe update 7-24-2018:  Rated to 3,000 lbs.)

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