Rotating pallet forks

rotating pallet forks

Skidworks skid steer rotating pallet fork

Skid steer rotating pallet forks

The heaviest duty skid steer rotating pallet forks on the market!  With full 180 degree rotation to a complete dump position, the super duty actuator rated to 4,000 lbs and optional side clamps make this  attachment a recycling and waste industry ‘must have’!  SAVE ON LABOR COSTSSkidworks 2018 PDF Pricing Guide

Rotating Pallet Forks, 180 Forks

Flip your bins upside down!

Optional hydraulic side clamps can ‘grab’ your bin (with optional auxiliary harness, run off of your current skid steer harness electric setup) if needed.  $12,995.00 base model; call for specific options and upgrades to fit your needs.  See other custom rotators here.  Skidworks 2017 PDF Pricing Guide

rotating pallet forks

Skidworks custom rotators for forks

The rotator takes your bin to a FULLY dumped position:  And using our actuator for rotation, you don’t get any ‘drift’ when you release the hydraulic button.  Will last for *thousands of rotations!  Call for a quote on your rotating pallet fork needs today!   See more custom rotators.  Skidworks 2018 PDF Pricing Guide  763-742-6473 or 855-SKIDWORKS

SKIDWORKS: “We put the custom in customer.”

*Your results may vary due to environment and job site conditions.

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