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Jibset hydraulic winch boom

The Jibset assists you in your hard to reach applications.  With a base setup rated to 2,000 lbs, the Jibset comes in 4′ or 6′ jib lengths.  The unit will also be configured with either universal skid steer style attachment plate, or Telehandler coupler plate (call for compatibility).  We offer Jibsets up to *4,000 lbs operating capacity, depending on host machine load rating and coupler plate.  Call for details!

Skidworks 2020 Pricing

telehandler, jib, jibset, winch, boom, hydraulic arm

Hydraulic Jibset from Skidworks

JS2000SS-4 Regs and Info

sales@skidworks.com  763-742-6473 or 855-SKIDWORKS

Please check with local, state and federal requirements which may affect your ability to operate a Jibset as a crane.  Customer and/or operator is responsible for obtaining and maintaining all licensing and certifications required by law, ordinance and/or statutes or similar to operate Jibset above or below ground with cable deployed from winch at length greater than 3′ (3 feet).

SKIDWORKS: “We put the custom in customer.”  Please ask for unique or job specific adjustments before you pay for your order!  If modifications are needed after completion of fabrication (or after unit is put into service), customer is responsible for all additional freight charges and will incur modification fees.  Call for details!

*Higher rated custom Jibset’s may be available with different setups.  Call for details.  All sales are considered build orders to customer specifications, and have a no return policy.  Customer is responsible for following all local, state and federal laws, ordinances and certifications that relate to hoisting and/or crane equipment and it’s maintenance.  Always refer to host machine (skid steer or telehandler) manufacturer recommendations before placing your order.

Thank you for you business!

Skidworks 2020 Pricing

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