Picking up metal? Skid steer Kwik Mag does it all!

So you’ve got a demolition project coming up.  Or, you have to finally get around to really picking up the scrap yard.

Enter, the Kwik Mag from Skidworks.

kwik mag, scrap magnet

Skidworks Kwik Mag Overhead Photo

This skid steer scrap metal magnet can pick up up to *2,000 lbs of your ferrous metals.  It can be used over your conveyor systems to snatch up that steel in the rubble, and works great for spikes that are littered along the railroad tracks.

It really does it all!  Self contained, you can simply plug in your lines (including a case drain connection) right out of the box!

You can see the Kwik Mag from Skidworks here in action via the video below, or simply visit www.skidworks.com on your computer, iPad or mobile phone and see the video and specs right on the job site!

Starting at $16,495, the Kwik Mag may pay for itself in no time.  Call us today at 1-855-SKIDWORKS or dial direct at 763-742-6473.  You can also email us at sales@skidworks.com.

*Your results may vary.  Watch the video!