Kwik Mag: Skid steer scrap magnet is a game changer!

September 2014 ~ When it comes to picking up ferrous metals and scraps with your skid steer loader, nothing works better than the Kwik Mag from Skidworks.

Operating on almost any skid steer loader with a 1800 lb lift rating or higher, the Kwik Mag is used in many applications:

• Scrap yard operations
• Demolition cleanup
• Disaster recovery and cleanup
• Test range cleanup
• Railroad maintenance:  Spike cleanup

The list goes on and on!

Operating off of your skid loader low flow hydraulics, the Kwik Mag is ready to work when you receive it.  Plug in your two hydraulic lines (plus your case drain connection:  If your older skid steer doesn’t have one your local dealer can simply plum one in in a couple of hours of work) and you are ready to work!

scrap magnet skid steer loader

Skid steer scrap metal magnet lifts up to 2000lb.

Pricing at $16,495.00 standard setup, you will find the Kwik Mag will give you many returns on your investment; often times in 6 months or less.  Imagine:  Most magnet lift systems take an excavator, a driver with a CDL (commercial drivers license) and operating costs so high it discourages you to even consider the possibilities of using a magnet.

The Kwik Mag was the game changer.  A smaller trailer, pulled by a 3/4 ton pickup and you are off; skid steer and Kwik Mag ready to work!

Contact Skidworks today for your own scrap metal magnet.  You can view it online (with video!) at, or simply call us at 1-855-SKIDWORKS (763-742-6473) to reserve yours today!