Blasthole Bucket


Take •• $1,000.00 off •• our everyday price on a 72″ or 84″ bucket (max 2 per customer).  This direct to consumer sales event is for *February orders only – while supplies last!  (Call now for ship times and other options.)

Skidworks skid steer blast hole bucket is a MUST for demolition and blasting companies that want to save time!  This hydraulic, side dumping bucket has a tapered chute to 8″ so you can refill your blastholes with ease.  The chute is 18″ long, is removable (bolt-on application) and can be custom sized for a small charge to perfectly fit your situation.  In sizes from 60″, 72, 84, 90 and 96″ it can fit most of today’s skid steer loaders.

Skidworks 2020 Pricing

blasthole bucket, demolition, blasting company

Skid steer blasthole stemming bucket

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Skidworks 2020 Pricing

skid steer, blasthole, blasting company bucket, demolition

Skid steer Blast hole (refill) Stemming Bucket

Skidworks 2020 Pricing

Terms of Sale 2020

*Quotes from February 1st-29th 2020 only.  Sale subject to end at any time!