Kwik Mag II

Skid Steer Scrap Magnet (“KM2”).  IN BETA TESTING NOW!

The Kwik Mag II Skid steer scrap magnet

You asked for it, now you’ve got it!  The Kwik Mag II (“KM2”) is setup for the larger flow, higher psi skid steer loaders that need heavy duty performance with a bigger magnet.

Boasting a 75% duty cycle magnet, the Kwik Mag II (“KM2″) now accepts 30 gpm oil flow:  That is a 50% increase!  In addition, it is now rated up to 3200 psi as well.

The KM2 also comes standard with a larger 28” magnet – to give you that extra coverage and performance for the larger, maximum duty skid steer loaders.  Simply plugin in the auxiliary hydraulics and the mandatory case drain connection, and you’re off!

(See original Kwik Mag video here:  Kwik Mag Video)


It’s our same reliable proven system; with an upgrade in performance and usage for the large skid steer loaders.  Check out the KM2 today!

Kwik Mag II:  Up to 3200 psi and 30 gpm – 28″ Magnet – $17,995.00.  Optional manual boom extension $895.00.  Call for details!

See Standard Kwik Mag for $16,495 HERE

Kwik Mag II Skid Steer Scrap Metal Magnet

*A-Frame rating-Up to 2,000 lbs. lift capacity.  Magnet lift capacity varies on material, shape and condition of scrap metal.  Your results will vary.  Canmag 28″ magnet based on availability.   75% Duty cycle; call for details.

**Limit 3200 psi / 30 gpm oil pressure MAXIMUM.


30 GPM (max) to flow control, excess oil over 4.5 GPM

creates heat in the oil.

Hydraulic oil return line to tank MUST NOT exceed 50

P.S.I. back pressure AT THE MOTOR PORT (if a case

drain is not connected).


Return line should be sized such that line velocity does

not exceed 10 F.P.S. (feet per second).

Avoid use of 90° fittings, minimize number of fittings

and connections, have return line as short as possible.



ROTATION Clockwise at hydraulic motor end

MAX SPEED 3600 R.P.M. (60 Hz.)


EXCITATION Internal (self-excited)

COOLING Internal fan

TEMPERATURE RISE 50° centigrade

INSULATION Class F (155° centigrade rating)