Jibset winch boom

Skid steer (or) Telehandler winch boom “Jibset”

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Hydraulic Jibset from Skidworks

An industry first!  The Jibset skid steer (or) Telehandler winch boom is a MUST for your hard to reach applications.  With a base setup rated to *2,000 lbs., the industrial winch jib has a standard 8′ platform and 50′ of cable. The unit can be configured with fork slots (with LOCK pins); a straight universal skid steer attachment plate OR Telehandler coupler plate (most models).  Starting at $12,995.00, we offer Jibsets up to 6,000 lbs operating capacity.  Call for details!  Skidworks 2017 PDF Pricing Guide

skid steer loader winch boom jibset

Skid steer winch boom

Skidworks 2017 PDF Pricing Guide

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*Higher rated Jibset’s are available.  Call for details.