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The New Teleskid from JCB

JCB has been in the headlines quite a bit lately with announcements on a switch to Rolls-Royce engines in its largest excavators and an entry into the aerial lift market that the company was able to keep quiet for two years while 27 initial models were in development. Now, the British manufacturer is preparing to launch a new machine at ConExpo next month that it is billing as a wholly different take on the skid steer/compact track loader.

See complete article at Equipment World HERE.

demolition, blast hole, blastholes, skid steer, skidloader bucket

Skidworks skid steer Blasthole Bucket

Skid steer prices have slipped

I love auctions. That may seem to be a given considering that part of my job involves attending auctions so I can write articles as well as deliver the “Steel Deals” reports on the Successful Farming Show. Truth be told, that reporting part of attending auctions is work. When I do those television spots, it really is a job. Really.  Read More

Kwik Mag: Skid steer scrap magnet is a game changer!

September 2014 ~ When it comes to picking up ferrous metals and scraps with your skid steer loader, nothing works better than the Kwik Mag from Skidworks.

Operating on almost any skid steer loader with a 1800 lb lift rating or higher, the Kwik Mag is used in many applications:

• Scrap yard operations
• Demolition cleanup
• Disaster recovery and cleanup
• Test range cleanup
• Railroad maintenance:  Spike cleanup

The list goes on and on!

Operating off of your skid loader low flow hydraulics, the Kwik Mag is ready to work when you receive it.  Plug in your two hydraulic lines (plus your case drain connection:  If your older skid steer doesn’t have one your local dealer can simply plum one in in a couple of hours of work) and you are ready to work!

scrap magnet skid steer loader

Skid steer scrap metal magnet lifts up to 2000lb.

Pricing at $16,495.00 standard setup, you will find the Kwik Mag will give you many returns on your investment; often times in 6 months or less.  Imagine:  Most magnet lift systems take an excavator, a driver with a CDL (commercial drivers license) and operating costs so high it discourages you to even consider the possibilities of using a magnet.

The Kwik Mag was the game changer.  A smaller trailer, pulled by a 3/4 ton pickup and you are off; skid steer and Kwik Mag ready to work!

Contact Skidworks today for your own scrap metal magnet.  You can view it online (with video!) at, or simply call us at 1-855-SKIDWORKS (763-742-6473) to reserve yours today!

Skid steer downtime: Turn it into prevention!

From Bobcat:

As a business owner, you know the revenue needle stops moving during unexpected downtime. In fact, troubleshooting poor equipment performance or outright system and component failure can be one of your greatest frustrations. To make matters worse, you may not have adequate service training or access to an on-site mechanic for the repairs that will get your loader or excavator up and running again. – See complete article here

Man killed operating skid steer near river

Man dies operating skid steer

Man dies operating skid steer

Sadly, these incidents happen more often when operating solo.  With our prayers to the family, we share this story as a reminder of the precautions we must always take as operators.

From the Durango Herald:

Durango man was killed Monday when his skid steer slid into the Animas River, trapping him inside.

The machine toppled into the river on its roof. Workers broke out a window with a hammer but were unable to free the man. The machine’s cab was flooded, said Karola Hanks, Durango Fire Protection District fire marshal.

See the full story here

Team Skidworks

How to spread loam (dirt) with a skid steer loader

Say gang, here is a great quick video of a skid steer operator spreading dirt (loam) on a job site.  It’s actually easier than you think:  You’ll get the hang of it quick.  Take a look, you’ll shorten your job times and make more money!  ~~Skidworks

skid steer side dump bucket

Skid steer side dump bucket from Skidworks.

Picking up metal? Skid steer Kwik Mag does it all!

So you’ve got a demolition project coming up.  Or, you have to finally get around to really picking up the scrap yard.

Enter, the Kwik Mag from Skidworks.

kwik mag, scrap magnet

Skidworks Kwik Mag Overhead Photo

This skid steer scrap metal magnet can pick up up to *2,000 lbs of your ferrous metals.  It can be used over your conveyor systems to snatch up that steel in the rubble, and works great for spikes that are littered along the railroad tracks.

It really does it all!  Self contained, you can simply plug in your lines (including a case drain connection) right out of the box!

You can see the Kwik Mag from Skidworks here in action via the video below, or simply visit on your computer, iPad or mobile phone and see the video and specs right on the job site!

Starting at $16,495, the Kwik Mag may pay for itself in no time.  Call us today at 1-855-SKIDWORKS or dial direct at 763-742-6473.  You can also email us at

*Your results may vary.  Watch the video!